Ven Geshe Lharampa Jampa Phelgya has attained the highest Geshe Degree and is responsible for the lectures, empowerments, and Healing rituals.  He has completed his Studies at Gyuto Tantric University and has permission to teach within all three vehicles of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Geshe Phelgya left Dharmsala India and entered Gaden Shartse Monastic University at age 16.Presently, He is 45 years of age and is a highly regarded mentor at Gaden Shartse and has numerous students.












Jampa Lobsang Sr was born Shimila India and at age 9 entered Gaden Shartse Monastic University. Presently age 37 and has finished his studies and is awaiting his Geshe examinations. He is the primary translator on the tour, Sand Mandala Master, prepares and participates in all rituals including Yak and Dakini dance, Choed and Longhorn.




Jampa Lobsang Jr. was born in Dhorong Tibet and at 19 walked to Nepal alone and eventually made it to Gaden Shartse in South India. Presently he is 39. Lobsang specializes in Ritual cakes and their butter ornaments, dance, Choed and Sand Mandala. He is the best Gyaling musician on the tour.



Lobsang Dhondup was born Nasang Tibet and  walked out of Tibet at age 19, he is presently aged 40. He entered Nepal and eventually made it to South India and entered Gaden Shartse at age 24. He has finished his studies and is awaiting his Geshe examinations. He is the chant master on tour, creates sand mandalas, Choed, Gyaling and Dhung Chen.





Lobsang Ngawang was born in Orissa India in a Tibetan refugee camp.He entered Gaden Shartse at age 7. Presently he is 40 years of age. He specializes in preparation for all the rituals, ie ritual cakes, creation of sand mandalas and is especially skilled in Choed ritual and Long Horn, Dhung Chen.






Nyenda Bhutia was born in Kabi Thingmu in North Sikkim India. He entered Gaden Shartse at 6 years old and now is 33. He has finished all his studies and is awaiting his Geshe examinations. His specialty is Monastic dance and butter sculpture. He creates sand mandalas and performs the Choed ritual. 






Joe Benson (Road Tech) was born in Omaha NE. Following high school Joe began to work in the music industry and eventually operated a weekly music forum at warehouse venue in downtown Omaha.  After meeting the monks Joe stepped up to serve the monastery as driver, tech support and road crew for transporting the tour across the country.









Lobsang Wangchuk has served in the capacity as the Gaden Sharste Tour Director for over twenty years and has criss-crossed  the United States with the Gaden Shartse Monks. He has been a long time student of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.  Having first encountered the Dharma in 1979, Lobsang studied under Venerable Kyabje Zong Rinpoche of the Gaden Shartse Monastery.   His teachers include high Lamas such as Venerable Kyabje Lati Rinpoche of Gaden Shartse Monastery and his long-time teacher, the Venerable Geshe Tsultim Gyeltsen of Thubten Dhargye Ling of  Long Beach, California.








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